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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Hyvää Suomi vs. Heja Sverige

What Czech would I be, if I didn't drop a few lines about ice-hockey in the Olympics? :-)
My beloved country won bronze medals, when they beat Russia 3:0.. today is the great final between the two nordic countries - sweden and finland. The campus has turned into an anti-Finnish and anti-Swedish fight.. both sides have come up with a bunch of pranks for the other side.. and it seems like the only people who find it funny are the countries that are out of the ice-hockey tournament.. (e.g. Emily and I :-))
Well.. let's see how it goes. My Finnish roomie has taken virtually everything which is either blue or white and dressed herself up :-)
Mocks are coming, I haven't studied much.. and I hope it's not gonna be a fiasco as our match against Sweden (we lost 7:3!! we sucked big time :-( )
Now back to mitosis, meiosis and all that...


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