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Friday, May 12, 2006

Dancing in the moonlight

Last night, I was sitting by the fjord until about 2 a.m. One of our second years is here (Niko/Germany) and we were talking about how it is to leave this place and to come back to the 'big world'.
Quite a sad talk. Full of good points (mostly coming from Niko, though :-))... But somehow, this all leaves me more aware of what I'm gonna go through, but I don't feel more prepared.
We were talking about my summer and all the things I am planning to do in summer in order to make my 'come-back' easier... And Niko told me an interesting thing:
"Make sure you want to have a good summer, but moreover, make sure that doesn't become the driving force."
How true.
It's hard for me to write things down these days. Every emotion that I have seems to be too complex to name with an ordinary word and impossible to cope with within the limits of sanity.

The moon last night was amazing, so big, round...
It reminds me of a Norwegian song and those of you who've gone through Norwegian ab initio with Kare, will perhaps smile a bit:
Grisen står og hyler i den stille kveld
Han skal ikkje slaktast men hyler likevel
Fir'og tjue kråker sit på ein madrass
Endå ei vil sitje men det er ikkje plass

Månen står og lyser, rund og feit og kvit...

I'll just have to learn to live in some sort of a sweet melancholy, searching for madness in whoever I may come across.


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