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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Back to school!

Yay! Back to school :-/ I am working on my ToK essay with Per (I am writing the one on morality and Per is doing the one on propaganda)... And meanwhile, there is lots of people coming back from november break and dropping by, bringing chocolate, sharing funny moments and giving out hugs :-) You can see how relaxed and happy everybody is... Let's hope we have gathered enough energy to survive till December 9th...

Friday, November 11, 2005

November blues

November break is over.. I am not happy about it.. It feels like I have just managed to cover all the hours of sleep I missed since I came up here for my second year. Not much work done, not many happy thoughts, but quite a few nice moments with co-years and first-years.
Stress belongs to us,but we don't belong to stress I heard this somewhere and I wish it was true... Goodness, I never thought I could become sooo stressed, busy and swamped with work, feeling I can never accomplish so much...
I don't even remember our second years being so busy at this time of the year...
Memories are going to stay. No matter what. They are always going to be there. Right now I am sitting here, fighting with my ToK essay and thinking of my first year at RCN. Here is a pic that is bringing my priceless memories back. It ws the first day of snow. One of my friends and I went up Jarstedheia to see the first snowflakes of the year...

Thursday, November 10, 2005


my roomies :-) Tiina and Nana.. I have some more.. but dont have pics of them now :-)

UWC gathering!

Hi everyone related to UWC,
18th December, UWC people are going to meet in Prague -> are you going to be in Prague? Then, let me know: verka.czech@seznam.cz :-)

Bittersweet symphony

November break.
Very unproductive. I thought to have accomplished much more.. But I guess it was good to stay and enjoy this place in another way than usual.
this is a bit of sci-fi picture... It hasn't been so sunny here in a while. I guess I miss it.. Send me sunshine! :-)
I am going home in a month from now. Getting pretty excited about it..
By the way, if you know any people who are in their second year of their high school->advertise UWC :-) Selections are starting..
Getting into a half sad mood.. so please, get in touch with me :-)