-If I was a fish I would drown.-

Thursday, September 29, 2005

How real...

I feel dead. Devt. studies and maths tests took all of my energy. The school is changing into an amazingly artifical and fake place. The Queen of Norway is coming together with about a hundred of other guests and our school is fighting for a good impression. Everything is being polished and we are even getting some kind of color codes for the security guards to recognize where is who. This sounds perhpas normal, since it is the Queen coming, but ... Tonight, after dinner there's a cleaning time of the rooms :-) those of you who have experienced a college life at RCNUWC, understand how impossible this mission is :-) But we will see... ;-)
I guess I should say something more about my gap year plans - I have been accepted to a project called "live with everyone, live with yourself" in Pori, Finland. I will be leading a anti-racism programme and tolerance activities in a youth centre and schools in the surroundings. I am also going to work with the immigrant children (perhaps English and maths tutorials, although I am not that sure about my maths any more, after Fred's opportunity to improve our predicted:-)). I will be staying for approximately seven months. Starting in September 2006. I am exploiting my Finnish roomie by forcing her to teach me her mother tongue (which btw makes absolutely no sense! :-)) and so far it has been going very slow and I cannot really say much.

Par ceskych radku

Ahoj vsichni,
tak pro zmenu napisu neco cesky :-) Prosim, omluvte me gramaticke chyby ;-)
Dneska jsem mela dve velike pisemky - z rozvojovych studii a z matematiky. Ohodnotim to strucne - nemam rada integraly :-)
Zitra nejdeme do skoly, ponevadz nase skolicka slavi sve desate narozeniny, tak mame velikou oslavu. prijede Jeji Velicenstvo kralovna, par dulezitych panu ministru a pak asi stovka dalsich dulezitych lidi.
Dari se mi dobre, budu moc rada, kdyz mi kdokoliv z vas napise (verka.czech@seznam.cz), dny se nam na severu krati a kazda zprava z ceske kotliny potesi :-)
ps: obrazek z oblasti JĂžlster, coz je necele tri hodiny odsud. Mela jsem to stesti se tam podivat asi pred tremi tydny.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Living in the world of abbreviations

Hi :-) This is not the first time when I am starting a blog but it is definitely the first when I am intending to keep it alive.
I have been in Flekke for more than a month now and it has been quite nice...I don't know where to start, so I guess I will just sum things up.
I live in sweden house #203 together with Nana (Ghana) and Margina (Costa Rica) and two fresh first years - Tiina (Finland) and Natacha (representing Lebanon, but guess what.. yep another spanish speaker in the room, her mom's Colombian :-)). Am I ever going to meet a pure Lebanese? :-)
So far I have been swamped with academics and my day has shrunk into a ToK, IA, EE struggle.. However, CAS is still waiting (sorry to those of you who don't understand these terrible abbreviations, it just means that you are not in the hands of the IB monster... which I am quite jealous about).
I guess I will write something more later and I hope to keep this going...